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[Babel War Arts] Judith and Bud Edition [edit | edit source]

New Babel War Arts Available for Judith and Bud after update on June 20.

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Babel War Arts - Judith Edition
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Mecha Weapon Technician
New Skill Added!
Tortonis Laser
Inflicts Thunder MATK equal to 25% of target enemy unit's Max HP (Max Dmg Limit: 12000) Range: 5, Height Range: 3]

Babel War Arts - Bud Edition
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Blue Flame Knight
New Skill Added!
Forcible Slash
Consumes own HP & Light Slash ATK to target & reduces Jewels Spent by half on the next turn [Range: 3, Height Range: 2]

・You can claim the Master Key from the Milestone Mission in "Other" Section.