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Grand Memento 10-Summon - Guaranteed 1 Featured 5★ Memento!

Grand Memento 10-Summon
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Summon Period
April 11, 12:00 AM - April 12, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 11, 1:00 AM - April 13, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Featured Memento


News,6eb48c87-e356-559c-95c6-b4801eb6d8d3,TS GL MAGNI MINE 01 1586258175888.png

5★ An Eggstraordinary Discovery (Limited) (Global Original)

News,6eb48c87-e356-559c-95c6-b4801eb6d8d3,TS GLUTTONY NEICA 01 1586249495474.png

5★ Chaotic Easter (Limited)

News,6eb48c87-e356-559c-95c6-b4801eb6d8d3,TS ENVYRIA VICTOR 01 1564642748354.png

5★ Study Guide

Summon Rates
5★ = 6%
4★ = 15%
3★ = 79%

・Any bonus items will be sent to Gifts.
・Unspent Summon Coins will expire and be converted into Shared Free Gems after the Summon Coin Shop resets. The converted Gems will be sent to Gifts within 24hrs.
・Summons exclude Collaboration, Global Original and Limited Mementos unless featured or listed on banner and summon details.