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Known Issues - Updated Aug 29 [edit | edit source]

Known Issues - Updated Aug 29

  • Veda Tower Issue Updates
    We've applied another fix for the Tower Issue and we will re-open the Veda Tower for 1 week (Aug 29 – Sep 4).

    For affected players who were unable to reset the tower from Aug 15 - Aug 28, we will be sending 10,000 Veda Coins within 24hrs.

    For players who obtained duplicates of the Veda Tower Gear, we have removed the duplicates of the Gear.
    Affected Gear
    Armor of Mystic Winds
    Armor of Mystic Thunder
    Armor of Mystic Water
    Armor of Mystic Fire
    Armor of Mystic Light
    Armor of Mystic Darkness
    Mystic Rainbow Guard

    We will also be sending 5000 Veda Coins and 200 Orichalcum Ore to all players.

    If you have any issues, please send a ticket to our Game Support team here: <a href=""></a>

  • Memento Display Issue
    We’ve fixed this issue and we will be sending the following to all players within 24hrs.
    Reminiscences of a Robot x20
    Ratty's New Hope x50

  • Minerva's Gear 'Illuminator"
    There is a display issue with Minerva's Gear 'Illuminator" when equipped. This is purely a display issue and will not have any other gameplay effects. A fix is in the works. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

  • 2x Drop Rates for Hard Quests Incorrect Duration
    The previous announced date for the 2x drop rates in Hard Quests was incorrect.

    INCORRECT: August 22, 12:00 AM - September 4, 11:59 PM (World Time)
    CORRECT: August 22, 12:00 AM - August 28, 11:59 PM (World Time)

    We will rerun this campaign again in the future.

    Known Issues - Updated Aug 22

    • Early Closure of "Reaching the Gates of Sin by Dawn”
      There was an issue and the Event closed 1 hour earlier than intended. This Event is now available in Event Archives.

      We will be sending the following to all players within 24 hrs.
      ・Archive Access x1

    • Veda Tower Issue Updates
      Veda Tower issue has been fixed for some players. We are aware that some players still have issues with Veda Tower, rest assured that we are still looking into it and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

      If you have any issues, please send a ticket to our Game Support team here: <a href=""></a>

    • Known Issues - Updated Aug 20

      • Quest Details Menu Display Issue
        This issue has been fixed.
        • Arena Challenge Issue
          We’ve sent out compensation to affected users.

        • Known Issues - Updated Aug 15

          • Some Players may experience display Issue with Quest Details Menu for the following:
            ・Story - Quest Details
            ・Shadow Plane Karma - Quest Details
            ・Shadow Plane Karma Team Selection Page

          • Text display issue for description of “5★ Memento Summon Ticket” from “9-Step Memento 10-Summon”
            Intended Text: Use this ticket to summon one 5★ Memento.

          • Mystic Tower Veda
            There are still issues with Veda Tower. We are currently looking into it.

          • Memento Display Issue
            There is currently a display issue when fusing Mementos.

            As a quick workaround, simply exit to Homescreen and re-enter the Memento page. The correct display will then appear properly.

          • We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience & understanding.

          Known Issues - Updated Aug 13

          The Vision Clear Quest is currently boosting some affected Mementos' Alchemic Boundary by 2% instead of 1%.

          There will be no changes applied for this batch.

          Known Issues - Updated Aug 12

          Please be advised that we have re-opened New Job Trial Field [Wilhelm].

          The stage is now accessible again inside Lakina's Trial Field. In addition, Babel Chronicles 5 Challenge Board will be re-opened at a later date.

          [Updated Aug 7]

          There was a text issue with the Kaya Enlightenment Banner and we have fixed it.

          Known Issues - Updated Aug 5

          • Babel Chronicles Issue
            Please be advised that the issue regarding Babel Chronicles has been fixed. You may now continue your journey in the said event.

            We will be sending Alchemy Drops x10 within 24 hours as compensation.

            Furthermore, the following time-limited events will be extended for 1 week until August 21:
            ・[Hard] Babel Chronicles: -Crossroads in the Devastation of War
            ・[Hard] Babel Chronicles: -When Bells Toll Over White Snow- [Clockwork Campanella]

          • Known Issues - Updated Aug 1

            • Arena Milestone Issue
              We are aware that some players are experiencing issues with the Arena Milestones from the Daily Missions.

              For affected players, please send a support request at

            • Babel Chronicles Issue
              We are currently looking into it and we'll provide timely updates as soon as further details are available.

            Known Issues - Updated Aug 1

            • Might & Magic Tribulations Challenge Completion Reward Issue
              For players who completed the challenge board, we have sent out the correct reward.
              ・5-Star 15-Soul Shard Selector

            • Rebecca Enlightenment Issue
              This matter has been fixed. We will be sending compensation to players who were able to enlighten their Rebecca's Envy Gate (gate 1) and Lust Gate (gate 3) before Aug. 1 accordingly within 14 days.
              Note: This applies to players who maxed the gates.

            • Gem Spent Milestone Issue
              For the affected users, we will send them the reward within 14 days.

            • Arena Battle Points not refreshing properly on a new day
              This matter has been resolved. We will send compensation to all players within 24 hrs.

            • Veda Tower Issue
              Veda Tower will be re-opened in the month of August and we will send out a Thank You gift along with its re-opening.

            • AOT Port Ranking Rewards
              For users who still have not received their rewards, rest assured that we are continuously checking. We will send out the remaining rewards within 14 days.

            • Alchemia Port Recruitment Campaign
              Rewards has been sent to all players.

              Known Issues - Updated July 29

            • Might & Magic Tribulations Challenge Completion Reward Issue

              The challenge is giving an unintended reward of “5★ 150-Soul Shard Summon Ticket”.

              The correct reward should be a “Featured 5★ 15-Soul Shard Selector”.

              We will fix this in the next update and send the correct reward to all affected players within 14 days after the event ends.

            • Rebecca's Enlightenment Issue
              Please be advised of the following with regards to Rebecca's Enlightenment Gates:

              1. Envy Gate (Gate 1)
              The text found in the In-Game News image is incorrect:
              PDEF +15・MDEF +30・LUCK +25

              The correct text should be:
              PDEF +10・MDEF +20・LUCK +25
              News,6f33b590-f8ab-5f8f-82ba-3466da00febc,news banner enlightenment explain 04 EN 1564369255130.png

              The image has been updated with the correct Information.

              2. Lust Gate (Gate 3)
              All ATK 20% (in Leader Skill) is currently not working in-game as intended.

              There is also a discrepancy with the text in-game.

              The correct text should be:
              "Raises HP by 40% & all ATK by 20% & MATK by 10% for units from Lustburg"

              These will be corrected by the next update.

            • Arena Battle Points are not refreshing properly on a new day
            • Gem Spent Bonus display is not updating

            We will be looking into the issues and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your continued support.

            THE ALCHEMIST CODE Team