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[New Unit] Almace Unit Introduction [edit | edit source]

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[Available after update on January 23]

Introducing the new unit – Almace who will be available with Enlightenment and Enchanted Job!

For a limited time, Almace will be available as Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the unit in your battles!

News,73cad210-9745-53b6-8e06-4c9d83d8fbe7,news banner new unit Almace EN 1579164104479.jpg

Leader Skill
Pure Water's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 40% & PATK by 20% & MATK by 20% & PDEF by 20% for Water units

Job: Eradicator
Fixed Ability: Eradication Blade Arts
Basic Ability: Basic Eradication Blade Arts
Reaction: Pain Protection (Chance of reducing Dmg when Phys Dmg is received)
Passive 1: Unshakeable Determination (Raises Max HP/PATK/MATK)
Passive 2: Sanctuary Force (Raises MATK/Strong vs Undead)

Almace is a "Killer Princess" who has Fae-Fused with the fairy Titania. She shares her name with her Killium weapon. Possessing a strong sense of camaraderie, she would not hesitate to sacrifice herself for the sake of her friends. She moves through life with a fiery fighting spirit, encouraging and inspiring her allies.

Enlightenment Details
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New Job Trial Field
News,73cad210-9745-53b6-8e06-4c9d83d8fbe7,ui EventQuest bnn 179 0 EN 1579164118163.png

January 23, 12:00 AM - January 29, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Try the new Job and get Gems and Soul Shards!

・Units in the training area will state "Level 85" though they are at Unit Level 95 clearing up to the Gate of Wrath.
・The quest will be cleared once the specified number of turns has passed.
・Playable multiple times during the limited period.

[3/Day]Soul Shard Quest
News,73cad210-9745-53b6-8e06-4c9d83d8fbe7,ui EventQuest bnn g pok arumasu ha 1 EN 1579164127159.png

January 23, 12:00 AM - February 5, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Clear the quest to obtain Collaboration Unit Soul Shards for Almace.

Note: Player must have unit in party setup to enter quest.