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[Updated December 20] Get Job Tokens and Evolution Materials! [edit | edit source]

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[Updated December 20]

New Job Tokens Added!
• Mage's Trial - Mastery - Magic Meister Token

Log-in daily and clear the Unit Upgrade Quests to obtain various Job Tokens and Evolution Materials for your units!

Clear the Job Trials to obtain Job Tokens needed for Job Change!

Event Quest Details:

Apprentice's Trial

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• Soldier Token, Hunter Token, Thief Token, Bard Token, Priest Token, Mage Token.

Knight's Trial - Pursuit

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• Holy Knight Token, Dragon Knight Token, Martial Artist Token, Dark Knight Token

Knight's Trial – Mastery

• Holy Cavalier Token, Dragon Cavalier Token, Holy Brawler Token, Dark Cavalier Token, Samurai Token, Magic Swordsman Token , Spearman Token, Wedding Token

Knight's Trial – Advanced
• Pirate Token, Warrior Token, Merchant Token, Valkyrie Token, Necromancer Token, Blademaster Token, Martial Master Token

Rogue's Trial - Pursuit

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• Gunner Token, Crafter Token, Drifter Token

Rogue's Trial – Mastery
• Sniper Token, Assassin Token, Beast Tamer Token, Ninja Token, Dancer Token, Shrine Maiden Token, Machinist Token, Twin-Blade Swordsman Token, Ranger Token, Shadow Assassin Token, Magia Gunslinger Token, Spy Token, Priestess Token

Mage's Trial

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Clear Mage’s Trial – Pursuit to obtain Job Tokens to Job Change to the following Jobs:
• Bishop Token, Chemist Token, Witch Token

Mage’s Trial – Mastery
• Enchanter Token, Chronomancer Token, Professor Token, Sage Token, Astrologer Token, Battle Mage Token, Summoner Token, Telekinetic Artist Token, Geomancer Token, Magic Meister Token

Alchemia Hunt

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Clear missions in Alchemia Hunt to obtain different types of Alchemia used to evolve units!

Golem Games

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Clear missions in Golem Games to obtain different types of Golems used to evolve units!

Goddess Worship

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Clear missions in Goddess Worship to obtain different types of Goddess Jar and Pots used to evolve units!