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[Updated June 7] v4.0 Known Issues [edit | edit source]

Please note the following known issues and we will resolve it as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

◆ Display Issue with PvP Player Titles
PvP Player Achievement Titles will appear as blank images.

◆ Display Issue with Quest Details Menu for iOS for the following:
Story - Quest Details
Shadow Plane Karma - Quest Details
Shadow Plane Karma Team Selection Page

◆ Event Archives - The Desert Merchant (Hard Stage) Issue
The Desert Merchant - Hard Stage is currently available in the Event Archives. This is not intended and will be removed in the next update.

◆ Issues with some cutscenes
Players might encounter issues entering the following quests due to issues with cutscenes. This will be resolved in the next update.
Babel Chronicles 2
- Babel Chronicles 2 - Ep 7 to Ep 10 (Both Normal and Easy Mode)
Character Story
- Magnus - Ep 1 to 3
- Albea - Ep 3