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Known Issues Update - July 28 [edit | edit source]

  • Rebecca's Enlightenment Issue
    Please be advised of the following with regards to Rebecca's Enlightenment Gates:

    1. Envy Gate (Gate 1)
    The text found in the In-Game News image is incorrect:
    PDEF +15・MDEF +30・LUCK +25

    The correct text should be:
    PDEF +10・MDEF +20・LUCK +25
    News,8457559f-24f1-59f7-8353-606369a219f1,news banner enlightenment explain 04 EN 1564369255130.png

    The image has been updated with the correct Information.

    2. Lust Gate (Gate 3)
    All ATK 20% (in Leader Skill) is currently not working in-game as intended.

    There is also a discrepancy with the text in-game.

    The correct text should be:
    "Raises HP by 40% & all ATK by 20% & MATK by 10% for units from Lustburg"

    These will be corrected by the next update.

  • Arena Battle Points are not refreshing properly on a new day
  • Gem Spent Bonus display is not updating

We will be looking into the issues and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your continued support.