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[Events Bulletin Board] Gem Milestones - Spend Gems and Get King Soul Shards! [edit | edit source]

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Campaign Period
February 27, 12:00 AM - March 4, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Spend Gems to get bonus rewards!

You can access the Gem Milestones from the Events Bulletin Board! Clear each milestone to obtain the rewards!

Gem Milestones

Step 1 Gems x500
King Soul Shard x5
Step 2 Gems x3000
King Soul Shard x7
Step 3 Gems x6000
King Soul Shard x10
Step 4 Gems x12000
King Soul Shard x13
Step 5 Gems x20000
King Soul Shard x15
Step 6 Gems x30000
King Soul Shard x25

・Gems spent do not include using Gems to revive.
・Gems spent are cumulative.
・Bonus rewards are added directly to inventory.