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[Event] Reclaiming the Scarlet [edit | edit source]

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This Event will be available permanently after the update on September 19!

"Reclaiming the Scarlet" follows the Babel Chronicles "Red Sparks of Iron" story. We recommend playing "Red Sparks of Iron" first in order to fully enjoy the new event.

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Class change Chloe to Scarlet Flame Battle Princess!

Clear the Quest Mission to obtain Job Tokens for class change! Clear the Event Quests to obtain unique Job Equipment for the job!

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Clear the quest to get the event limited Gear - Fluffy Plushie!

Fluffy Plushie
Attributes: Max HP up, Modify Strong vs Dark Up, Stun Res Up, Enables Master Ability "Iron Will" when evolved to 5★ and equipped on Scarlet Flame Guard units (Raises PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF after appearing on map)

"Fluffy Plushie" Gear Ability
Raises PATK/MATK/PDEF/MDEF when appearing on map
*Equip it on a 5★ Scarlet Flame Guard unit.

Scarlet Flame Guard
Vettel, Chloe, Victor, Gerald, Natalie, D'Artagnan, Nina, Ren
*Not available for Chloe (EO Collab version)