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Unit Improvements and Enchanted Job Updates!

Enchanted Job Updates
News,89a6963e-3908-57f1-a2b8-ffb33db02400,news header enchanted jobs Dark Cavalier 1594480378227.png
News,89a6963e-3908-57f1-a2b8-ffb33db02400,news header enchanted jobs Holy Cavalier 1594480402548.png

Enchanted Job will be unlocked for the following units!

Dias / Tyrfing / Lambert



Dark Cavalier [Wirth]


Holy Cavalier [Caelum]
Failnaught Shadow Assassin [Eventide]
Daylight Bard
Tyrfing Holy Cavalier [Ark]

Enchanted Job Details - Dark Cavalier [Wirth]
News,89a6963e-3908-57f1-a2b8-ffb33db02400,news banner Enchanted Job Dark Cavalier 1594480386227.png

Specialized in Speed/Evasion
Available for: Dias / Tyrfing / Lambert

New Skill Added!
Obsidian Pebbles
Dark Missile ATK on enemy unit [Range: 3, Height Range: 1]

Evil Slash → Hades Boundary
- Consumes own HP to perform Dark Slash ATK on units within area around self (Powerful Strong vs Demons) [Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]

Juggernaut → Blade of the Depths
- Dark Slash ATK on enemy units & permanently raises PATK/MATK & reduces PDEF/MDEF & forces Berserk status (raises Strong vs Demons while Berserk) [Range: 1, Height Range: 1]

Overdrive → Trance Drive

Pitch-Black Blood Line → Abyssal Oathblade
- Reduces HP cost for skills that consume HP & raises Slash ATK Power

Enchanted Job Details - Holy Cavalier [Caelum]
News,89a6963e-3908-57f1-a2b8-ffb33db02400,news banner Enchanted Job Holy Cavalier 1594480412091.png

Specialized in Speed/Evasion
Available for: Logi / Richie / Lucido

Shield Bash → Shield Spike
- Non-type ATK on enemy units within area & inflicts Stun for two turns & interrupts skill cast [Range: 1, Area: Lateral (3), Height Range: 2]

Clear Stone → Clear Quartz
- Weak Missile ATK on target unit and removes Poison/Slow/Blind status [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

Lion Heart → Ibis Heart
- Light Slash ATK to units within area around self (Strong vs Demons) [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]

Guardian → High Guardian
- Raises Max HP/PATK/PDEF

Unit/Job Improvements and Updates

With this update, the following units/jobs have been improved:


Unit Improvements
- Job Name Change
- Increased stats

Skill Improvements
Plasma Burst
- Increased Damage

New Skill Added!
Thunderclap Cannon [Metis]
- Penetrating Thunder Missile ATK on enemy unit that ignores DEF (Powerfully Strong vs Machines) [Range: 5, Height Range: Unlimited]

Flash Grenade → Beam Cannon [Aitne]
- Inflicts powerful Blind on units within area & inflicts Paralyze [Range: 4, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: Unlimited]


Skill Improvements
Rapid Fire
- Increased Debuff Effect

Job Improvements
With this update, the following job has been improved:

Holy Cavalier

Skill Improvements
Shield Bash
- Added New Effect: Interrupts skill cast

Holy Cavalier [Ark]

Skill Improvements
Pledge of Protection
- Added New Effect: Raises own Max HP/PDEF

Holy Cavalier [Ghia]

Skill Improvements
Gear Drive
- Added New Effect: Activated by skill attacks