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[Event] A Bond More Enduring Than Starlight [edit | edit source]

News,8ccadb73-f59c-53a0-8467-60255a3303ff,news banner Starlight EventSynopsis EN 1560855047579.png

Event Period
June 27, 12:00 AM - July 10, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 27, 1:00 AM - July 11, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Clear Ep 1 and complete the Quest Mission to obtain an Event Limited Unit - Pamela!

News,8ccadb73-f59c-53a0-8467-60255a3303ff,news banner GL NewUnit Pamela EN 1560855095578.png

Obtain more Pamela Soul Shards from this Event to limit break and strengthen the unit!

News,8ccadb73-f59c-53a0-8467-60255a3303ff,news banner emma jobplus EN 1560855111115.png

Class change Emma from Diviner to Charming Mage!

Complete the Quest Mission to obtain the job tokens needed for her class change.

News,8ccadb73-f59c-53a0-8467-60255a3303ff,news banner emma jobplus skill EN 1560855127218.png

Clear the Event to also obtain the Job Equipment for her Charming Mage job!

EX & EX+ Stages
News,8ccadb73-f59c-53a0-8467-60255a3303ff,ui EventQuest bnn 131 2 EN 1560855138390.png

Complete the Quest Missions to obtain items such as Pamela Soul Shards, Fire Soul Shards as well as Sinful Indulgence!

EX Stage is also available in Multiplay!

Bonus Quest

Complete the Quest Missions to obtain items such as Sinful Indulgence, Ruby Eye of Enlightenment and Lustburg Tokens!

・You have to complete Ep 3 to unlock the Bonus Quest.