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Enlightenment, Unit/Memento Improvements and Enchanted Job Updates! [edit | edit source]

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Enlightenment Updates

After the update on February 6, Enlightenment gates of "Gluttony" and "Wrath" will be available for the following units:

Monzein / Kudanstein / Cadanova / Othima / Polin / Rahu

News,9001ed3a-affe-5e1b-acfb-18397d694cf4,news banner enlightenment Monzein EN 1580569636299.png
News,9001ed3a-affe-5e1b-acfb-18397d694cf4,news banner enlightenment Kudanstein EN 1580569646126.png
News,9001ed3a-affe-5e1b-acfb-18397d694cf4,news banner enlightenment Cadanova EN 1580569662085.png
News,9001ed3a-affe-5e1b-acfb-18397d694cf4,news banner enlightenment Othima EN 1580569671236.png
News,9001ed3a-affe-5e1b-acfb-18397d694cf4,news banner enlightenment Polin EN 1580569682524.png
News,9001ed3a-affe-5e1b-acfb-18397d694cf4,news banner enlightenment Rahu EN 1580569693065.png

Enchanted Job Updates

Enchanted Job will also be unlocked for the following units!

Monzein / Cadanova Dragon Cavalier [Garuda]
Kudanstein Dark Cavalier [Jaeger]
Rahu Bishop Mysterion

Monzein/Kudanstein/Neun/Cadanova Improvements and Memento Updates

With this update, the following Sacred Stone Memories units & Mementos have been improved:


Skill Improvements

Fair and Square
- Increased chance of inflicting Rage

Bone-Breaking Strike
- Increased Dmg

Knight's Honor
- Raises PDEF

Enlightenment gates of "Envy" and "Sloth"
- Increased stats


Unit Improvements
- Increased stats

Skill Improvements
Counter Spear
- Increased chance of activation

One Who Wavers in the Dark - Memento Improvements
The Strength to Carry Despair
- Increased stats


Skill Improvements

Stampede Catharsis/ Banshee Cry Ubiquitous/ Stepping Bomb Quake/ Colliding Fist Stunner
- Able to deal Critical Dmg

Beast Bomb Apriori
- Able to deal Critical Dmg
- Increased damage.

Leaping Bomb Syndrome
- Increased MOVE/JUMP by 2
- Reduced Jewel cost

Explosive Legs Boost
- Able to deal Critical Dmg
- Increased cast range

Paragon Anonymous
- Added new effect: Raises AGI


Unit Improvements
- Increased stats

Skill Improvements
Nidhogg's Claw/ Jormungand's Rage
- Unit Lockable

Fafnir's Dive
- Unit Lockable
- Increased damage

Flight of the Five-Headed Dragon/ Honor of the Flame Dragon King/ Dragon-God Blaze
- Increased buff effect.

Fantastic Dragon King
- Added new effect: Enhances jump skill for Dragon Cavalier [Garuda]

Bygone Days of Kinship - Memento Improvements
Ramproad Promise
- Increased stats