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[UPDATED] Enlightenment and Enchanted Job Updates!

[Updated - July 15]

There was an inconsistency on the previous image of the Solar-Ecliptic Diviner details. The image was mentioning a skill that didn't match the skill preview.

Correct: Annular Solar Eclipse
Incorrect: Petal Snowfall

We have now fixed the image to avoid any further confusion. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you so much for your kind understanding.

News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news header GL Enlightenment Shekinah Bashosen Forcas EN 1593938542151.png
Enlightenment Updates

After the update on July 9, Enlightenment gates of "Gluttony" and "Wrath" will be available for the following units:
Cita / Shekinah / Bashosen / Forcas

News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news banner enlightenment Cita EN 1593938578109.png
News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news banner enlightenment Shekinah EN 1593938593184.png
News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news banner enlightenment Bashosen EN 1593938604635.png
News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news banner enlightenment Forcas EN 1593938616120.png

News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news header GL enchanted jobs Tsukuyomi EN 1593938740385.png
Enchanted Job Updates

Enchanted Job will also be unlocked for the following units!

Tsukuyomi Solar-Ecliptic Diviner
Shekinah Ranger [Lupus]
Cita Pirate Emperor [Teach]
Bashosen Machinist Diana
Forcas Aqueous Sacred Spearman [Sachiel]

Enchanted Job Details - Solar-Ecliptic Diviner
News,9247c01f-08aa-5502-b5ca-42e6b1b6a32c,news banner job enchant Diviner 1594801423782.png

Dark attribute specialization & magic attack type
Available for: Tsukuyomi

New Skill Added!
Annular Solar Eclipse
Dark Mag ATK on units within area & lowers MOVE by 2 for three turns [Range: 3, Area: Special (Square-Cross), Height Range: 2]

Skill Improvements
Clear Refresh → Splendid Refresh
- Permanently raises Max HP of ally units within area & raises own MATK/LUCK [Range: 3, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]

Flower Rain Shower → Petal Snowfall
- Recovers a portion of HP for ally units within area around self & casts Auto Heal for three turns & casts Jewel Auto Charge (Low) [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 3]

Clear-Air Turbulence → High-Pressure Blue Skies
- Greatly raises Max HP

Unit and Gear Improvements

With this update, the following units have been improved:


Skill Improvements
Blade Striker
- Increased Damage


Skill Improvements
- Increased Stats

Job Improvements

Don Taras

Skill Improvements
Kan Date
- Added New Effect: Casts Jewel Auto Charge on self & raises own Max HP/PATK

With this update, the following gears have been improved:

Bashosen Artifact

Skill Improvements
War Princess Fan

- Reduced Jewel Cost & Increased Buff Duration

Forcas Hell Lance

Skill Improvements
Hell Rising

- Reduced Jewel Cost & Increased Damage

White-Lily Katana

Skill Improvements
Scattered Flowers of Thunder

- Increased Damage

Cita Hurricane Axe

Skill Improvements
Killing Chop

- Increased Damage

Dazzling Shekinah Bow

Skill Improvements
Kill the Nightmare

- Increased Damage & Cast Range

Sakura Blade

Skill Improvements
Blossom's Fury

- Increase Buff Effect