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Character Story for Nina Now Available!

News,98d9f9c4-8579-59c4-80d0-00f83c369e1a,news header character story Nina EN 1602353511222.png

Character Story for Nina is now Available!

Complete all episodes to unlock her Master Abilitiy!

Master Ability:

News,98d9f9c4-8579-59c4-80d0-00f83c369e1a,news banner character story Nina EN 1602353520331.jpg

Steel Bridge
Raises MATK & Skill Use Count by 1

・The unit needs to be evolved into 5★ to unlock the character story.
・New episodes unlock when the unit reaches the required levels!
Episode 1 Unlocks at Lv30
Episode 2 Unlocks at Lv60
Episode 3 Unlocks at Lv80