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[Special Quests] Also Sprach - Septicolored Amber Sans Serif

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Event Period
April 23, 12:00 AM - May 6, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 23, 1:00 AM - May 7, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Event Details:

Class Change Sieba to Dual-Wielding Master!

Clear Quest Mission and collect Event Star Rewards to obtain Job Tokens for class change!

Class Change Skill Highlight
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Leaping Dance Stream → [Brilliant Dance] Stream
Raises AGI of ally units within area for three turns & casts Jewel Auto Charge on self [Range: 3, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]

Flashing Thorn Force → [Savage Thorn] Force
6-hit Light Slash ATK on enemy unit & chance of critical & halves CT & raises Power when attacking from the side (Low) & raises Power when attacking from behind [Range: 3, Height Range: 2]

Charmed Senses Grace → [Fanatical] Grace
After moving, inflicts Charm on enemy units within area around self [Move Area: Diamond (7), Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]

Scarlet Acceleration Despair → [Scarlet Ascension] Despair
Preemptively raises own AGI for one turn when attacking & permanently raises Evasion Rate/CRIT Rate (Stackable up to 3x)

New Skill Added!
[Dagger Petals] Misery
Light Slash ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Dark) & chance of critical [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]

Event Special Gear
News,9cc6b9ad-42b4-5be5-b4ea-ef6e35b5b7a7,news banner event speticolored amber gear EN 1587290003064.png

Reverse Card
Attributes: MATK Up, Slash ATK Power Up, Water Res Up (once evolved to 5★), Chance of MATK Up, Enables Master Ability "[Scattered Thunderbolts] The Joker" when equipped on Drei if his job type is "Florid Mortician" (5-hit Thunder Mag Slash attack on enemy units within area & 100% Hit & chance of critical [Range: 4, Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2])

Complete the Event and collect Reverse Card Shards to transmute the Event Special Gear!

Clear the Hard Quests to obtain equipment for Drei, as well as Soul Shards for the following units!


[Special Quests] Also Sprach - Septicolored Amber Sans Serif [Boss]


Challenge the Boss stage to also obtain items such as Event Coin, Retribution for Sin and job equipment for Drei!

・Milestone Missions can only be cleared once, if you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.

How to play event quest "Septicolored Amber Sans Serif"

Event Quest "Septicolored Amber Sans Serif"
• Clear each quest mission event quests and obtain rewards accordingly to the number of times played through.

• Clear each "normal" and "hard" modes to unlock boss battles.
• Defeat the bosses to obtain event coins and event summons.
• *Event quest "Septicolored Amber Sans Serif" can be selected by choosing the icon on the home menu.
• *Clear the "normal" mode to try the more difficult "hard" mode.
• *"Hard" quests can only be tried three times a day.

About Boss Battles
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Boss Battle
• Clear each story's "normal" and "hard" modes to unlock the boss battles.
• Use Boss Challenge Tickets to play the boss battles.
Boss Challenge Tickets will be counted as used even if one quits during a boss battle.
• If you're defeated, the next battle will carry over the enemies' remaining HP.
• Mercenaries cannot be used.
• Obtain Event Coins by defeating the bosses.
• Defeated bosses can be replayed.
• *Tap the "Boss Battle" button to fight the bosses.

About Event Summons
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Event Summons
• Event Summons can be done using Event Coins obtained from bosses.
• Summon the Featured Reward on the current step to be able to reset the summon and move on to the next step.
• After finishing all steps, the final step can be done multiple times.

・Progress from Quests, Missions, and Event Summons will be carried over to Septicolored Amber Sans Serif when it is held.
・Boss Challenge Tickets and Event Coins obtained in stories can only be used in the corresponding Boss Battles and Event Summons.
・Please check "Current Lineup" or "Complete Lineup" to see what items appear in the Event Summons.
・After resetting the Event Summon, you cannot return to the previous steps.