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[Event] Also Sprach - Andante of the Dead Nine [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
December 12, 12:00 AM - December 25, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Event Details:

Class change Neun to Volatile Fighting Master!

Clear the Quest Mission to obtain Job Tokens for class change!

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Class Change Skill Highlight


Banshee Cry Ubiquitous → [Demon Cry] Perficio
After moving, Strike attack on enemy unit & halves own Jewels Spent & chance of critical [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

Beast Bomb Apriori → [Beast Rampage] A Priori
After moving, Dark Strike attack on enemy unit & inflicts Paralyze for three turns & moves target 1 sq back & chance of critical [Range: 5, Height Range: 2]

Counterattack Dilemma → Counterstrike Dilemma
Chance of performing a preemptive strike when receiving Dmg & inflicts Paralyze for three turns & also activated by skill attacks [Range: Square (3), Height Range: 2]

Paragon Anonymous → Nonpareil Anonymous
Raises Strike ATK Power/AGI/Reaction Block

New Skill Added!
[Heaven's End] De Fideli
Dark Strike attack on units within area & nullifies Quicken/statuses for units that have taken three turns of Dmg & chance of critical & disables all Reactions to this attack [Range: 4, Area: Square (3), Height Range: 2]

Event Special Gear

Unyielding Staff
Attributes: All ATK Up for Wind Units, AGI Up, Silence Res Up, chance of MATK Up, Enables Master Ability "[Four Beasts] Rhinoceros" when equipped on Zwei (4-hit Wind Mag attack on enemy unit & 100% Hit & disables all Reactions to this attack [Range: 5, Height Range: 2])

Complete the Event and collect Unyielding Staff Shard to transmute the Event Special Gear!

[Event] Also Sprach - Andante of the Dead Nine [EX]
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Challenge the EX stage to also obtain items such as Unyielding Staff Shard and Lost Blue Token!

EX stage will be available in both Events and Multiplay during the event period!

・Milestone Missions can only be cleared once, if you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.