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Monthly Updates - January [edit | edit source]

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New Year’s Raid

2020 is the year of the rat, and the zodiac animal is making its presence known with a grand entrance this year! Defend the new year by taking on the Festive Ratty and Eizan in the New Year’s Raid and earn limited rewards in return for your valor! Aside from the limited raid quest Armor, you can also earn raid tokens to exchange for rewards in the raid token shop! As usual, the top guilds will also earn Gem Rewards and Port Coins to be spent in the Port Coin shop after the raid is over. For players who prefer quieter festivities, usher in the new decade by participating in the Daily New Year Quest for a chance to earn consumables such as alchemy droplets, skip tickets, and elemental soul shards!

Chamber of Tribulations
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Chamber of Tribulations returns once again to challenge all worthy Alchemists! Learn the unique mechanics of each stage and devise the ultimate strategy to overcome their trials! Defeat the challenging opponents to collect their Spirit of Aspects and exchange them for valuable rewards in the Tribulation Spirit Exchange Shop.

The Entrusted Land, The Winds of Departure


Tina’s story continues in this event following her success in saving the Saga region at the end of Chapter 4! As the tribes begin the delicate process of healing and rebuilding, our protagonist is torn between her duties as the Chief, and as a friend to Mocca. Join Tina as she strengthens her resolve to help a friend in need and watch her grow as she receives her Job+ and Enlightenment upgrades!

Main Story – Chapter 5


Following the events of Episode 2, the story returns to the present time where the hands of fate bring our various protagonists ever closer together! Logi encounters Kamui as he enters the Desert region, with Tina and Mocca close behind as they search for the legendary Sephira. What will happen when all our heroes finally come face to face? Find out in the new release of Chapter 5 Episode 3!

EX Hard Quests
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January marks the first release of the Main Story EX Hard Quests! Take Sol, Orion, and Birgitta into battle in these daily quests to earn their soul shards! More EX Hard Quests will be added in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for the opportunity to power up these limited units!

Veda Tower
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Veda Tower will be returning in January! For those who didn’t manage to complete it the last time around, now’s your chance to climb again! The Veda Coin Exchange Shop is also getting a refresh, so take the opportunity to farm for more coins and redeem the available rewards again!

Unit Upgrades
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The arrival of a new year heralds change, and many of our units will be embracing this spirit as they receive new enchanted job upgrades and enlightenment! Limit break and level up these unit’s jobs to access their Enchanted Jobs, unlocking new skills and specialized roles. Upon reaching level 85, unlock and upgrade an enlightened unit’s various Gates of Sin for powerful stat boosts and skill enhancements! Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving these upgrades!

That’s a wrap for January’s updates for now! We have more exciting things to be announced, so be sure to keep up to date with the details by checking out our social media and regular news updates!

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