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[Shadow Plane Karma] Will of Light, Truth of Darkness - Get Waginau! [edit | edit source]

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[Available after update on October 3]

Shadow Plane Karma will be available to players above Player Lv 100!

◆You can set up to a maximum of 3 teams to play this high difficulty event!
◆Each team contain 4 units + 1 mercenary, up to a total of 15 units.
◆When 1st team units are all defeated, 2nd team units will join the battle at the initial position.
◆The quest will fail when all 3 teams are all defeated.
◆No Continues!
◆Items can be used in this Event.
◆Leader Skills are effective for team including mercenaries.

Will of Light, Truth of Darkness Event Details
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Clear Will of Light, Truth of Darkness to get the event limited unit - Waginau!

Complete the Quest Missions to obtain Waginau Soul Shards as well as his unique Job Token and Job Equipment!

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Clear Will of Light, Truth of Darkness [Extreme Hell Mode] and complete the Quest Missions to obtain more Waginau Soul Shards to max limit break the unit!

You can also obtain Sephira Talisman Shards to transmute the event limited Gear!

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Sephira Talisman
Attributes: MATK Up, AGI Up, Modify Strong vs Gigantic Up, Modify Strong vs Holy Beasts Up, Enables Master Ability "[Light Pulse] Returns are Limitless" when equipped on Waginau and his job is "Manipulator of Souls" (Light Slash Mag attack on enemy unit & Strong vs Gigantic & Strong vs Holy Beasts [Range: 5, Height Range: 3])