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[Event] Draft Match

[Draft Match] Choose the Units for battle in the "Draft Match" battle event!
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Choose wisely to prepare for battle!

Event Period
September 10, 12:00 AM - September 16, 11:59 PM (World Time)
September 10, 1:00 AM - September 17, 12:59 AM (PDT)

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What is Draft Match?

A new battle function that allows you to have turn based battles with selected units against other players.

Choose to play from the home screen's battle option.
※Free Battles or Friend Battles.

Able to participate from Level 50.

Draft Match is a new battle function that allows you to select from 16 units to battle against other players.

From the home menu, choose "Battle" to play.

Free battles with random opponents or Friend battles can be chosen.

Choosing units and battling
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About choosing units
16 units appear from a lottery!

Out of the 16 units, 6 are to be chosen for battle.

Units with ? are hidden until chosen.

Choosing Random will automatically select the units for battle.

If an opponent is available, it will move to the unit selection screen.

A coin toss will decide the battle order, then units you want to use to battle must be selected.

See unit details by pressing down on a selected unit.

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Choose 1 Unit

Choose 2 Units

The first player gets to chose 1 unit first, then the second player gets to chose 2 units.

When 6 units are chosen, choose the formation.

The first player gets to choose 1 unit first, then the second player gets to choose 2 units.

When 6 units are chosen, choose the formation.

Units with ? are hidden until chosen.

While choosing units, the unit choices that your opponent makes will not be revealed.

Once you have chosen 6 units, the units choices made by your opponent can be seen.

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Unit Formation

The opponent's units are displayed.
※The opponent's unit formation will not be revealed until the battle.

Chose 3 of the units out of the 6 chosen for formation.

Once formation is complete, it will move to the map screen.

Once the unit placement is complete, it is time to battle!
※There is a time limit of 30 seconds to place the unit formation on the map. If the time is exceeded the units will be automatically placed.

Battle Coins

Battle Coins can be earned from a maximum of 5 battles per day in Draft Match.
※No Battle Coins can be obtained from the sixth battle onward.

Amount of Battle Coins
Win: 100 Coins
Defeat: 20 Coins for each enemy unit taken down
Draw: 60 Coins
※Battle Coins cannot be obtained if you withdraw from battle.
※If both players are still standing when the turn count reaches "0", the player with the higher remaining HP ratio is the winner.

If the remaining HP ratio is equal, the battle will end as a tie.

List of Units appearing in Draft Match

From the 48 units listed below, 16 will appear in the lottery.

Fire Units Mira, Adaleigh, Icona, Asuka, Morrigan, Gilfred, Hazel, Liu Shen, Chihaya, Creto, Dorothea, Courage, Daisy, Kagura, Carla, Emma, Vettel

Water Units Minario, Julia, Dark Mira, Eira, Evelika, Zehn, Yauras, Letitia, Lofia, Shenmei, Ren, Itsuki, Annika, Kevin

Thunder Units Nyx, Yna Ku, Tsang Lei, Chao, Gerald, Edgar, Roxanne, Drei, Sharon, Judith, Lucretia, Orion, Teona, Magnus, Corvus, Vier

Wind Units Dark Nyx, Tamamo, Natalie, Nefertiti, Shion, Rahu, Wilhelm, Macherie, Setsuna, Ramses, Zwei, Mocca, Seida, Uzuma, Izayoi, Yomi, Balt

Light Units Emmel, Siegfried, Blair, Alma, Moa, Sieba, Hisham, Suzuka, Su Yi, Zain, Neica, Cheryl, Carol, Nina

Dark Units Ambrosia, Bertha, Zheng Yi, Hozuki, Neun, Basheeny, Sol, Kuza, Reido, Jin, Albea, Anatasia

・You cannot use your own units during the Draft Match season.
・If connection is lost during battle, it will be considered a defeat. Please play in an environment with good connectivity.
・Details of the event and the event period are subject to change without prior notice.

Battle Coin Exchange Shop
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Sale Period
September 10, 12:00 AM - October 7, 11:59 PM (World Time)
September 10, 1:00 AM - October 8, 12:59 AM (PDT)

New Items Added!

Rainbow Soul Shard
Skip Ticket
Alchemy Drops
Event Skip Ticket

Check out the shop for more details!

・Battle Coins are obtained from draft matches.