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Known Issues - August 6

Attention Alchemists,
Please take note of the following updates to Known Issues:

[FIXED] Roxanne Job+ Icon Color

Roxanne’s “Vivacious Socialite” Job Icon previously had the wrong color gradient. This is now fixed.

Weekly Mission Reward Points

Weekly Mission Reward points have been unintentionally reset after today's update. We are currently looking into this issue.

Developer's Challenge

- There's a Developer's Challenge Quest Mission that cannot be cleared at the moment.

- The following Skills are not working as intended, and will fail to summon a unit:

Phantom Summon - Summons a frivolous captain of the Holy Guard
Phantom Summon - Summons a shrine maiden from Wadatsumi

We are now looking into these issues.

New info will be announced as soon as they are available.

Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding.