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[New Unit] Hozuki Unit Introduction with Enlightenment! [edit | edit source]

[Available after update on November 7]

Introducing the new unit – Hozuki who will be available with Enlightenment and Enchanted Job!

For a limited time, Hozuki will be available as Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the unit in your battles!

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Leader Skill
Twilight's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 50% & PDEF by 20% for Dark units

Job: Professor [Mad]
Fixed Ability: Remedies
Basic Ability: Basic Remedies
Reaction: Sixth Sense (Chance of completely evading Phys ATK)
Passive 1: Echo (Increases turn duration of buffs cast by self by 1)
Passive 2: Telekinetic Speed (Raises own PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF/AGI for three turns after appearing on map)

Daughter of the family tending to a prominent shrine in Wadatsumi. Contrary to her graceful and modest appearance, she is fiercely competitive, becoming violently passionate when it comes to perfecting her work. She inherited knowledge of her family's secret art, and possesses a genius aptitude for floral decorations.

Enlightenment Details
News,b1b90847-e04b-5f56-bf02-71c6df26ea29,news banner enlightenment Hozuki EN 1572693920170.png