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New Hard Quest and EX Mode Quests Available!

[Available after update on August 13]

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Hard Quest is now available for Won!

Clear his respective Hard Quests 3 times a day to collect the Unit Shards!


[Hard] Ch 4: Ep 1 [3-3]

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EX Mode Quest is now available for Kuza and Mocca!

Clear their respective EX Hard Quests once per day to collect the Unit Soul Shards!


Featuring Kuza Soul Shards


Featuring Mocca Soul Shards

How to Unlock EX Mode?

・You need to own the respective units to enter the respective quests.

・ EX Mode will be unlocked upon completion of Ch 4: Ep 4 [3-10] and Ch 5: Ep 2 [3-10].

Where to Access EX Quests?

・ The EX Quest for each unit can be found in their respective unit screens.

・ EX Quest can also be found in the 'select by unit' screen in the Main Story.

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