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Monthly Updates - September

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Version 7

The game will be updated to version 7 this September! Numerous new events, UI changes, features and updates will arrive with this version update, as well as various campaigns and giveaways!

Keep an eye on our social media and news for more exciting and exact details!

Genesis Chapter 3: If That Would Be Called Sloth (Part Two)
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After returning back to the Acedia Belt Region to repair his ship, Adaleigh gets betrayed by his mentor, Icona. The Cursed Beast Belphegor has been awakened, and the group now find themselves being pursued by Mayor Fedele after being wrongly accused of awakening the Cursed Beast. How will the heroes escape from this deep problem?

Find out by playing through this event which will also allow you to obtain equipment pieces to upgrade Icona’s and Minario’s unique jobs, event limited gear, as well as a new enlightenment gate for Emmel and Yna Ku!

Xeno Belt Region - Realm of the Flame King [Sloth]
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The next Xeno Belt region is here for players to challenge! This tower will feature Fire type enemies with the Sloth tag, as well as various gimmicks on each floor. Various kinds of rewards await you after you clear each floor, including a limited gear after clearing floor 30, Ring of Sin Ignis!

Once you have cleared all 30 floors, you can reset the tower and play each floor again to obtain Xeno Belt Region Coins, which you can exchange for incredible items in the corresponding store!

Rerun Events
News,b67d6e62-8132-5f2e-a5da-156cd23ea41e,news header rerun events EN 1598541568043.png

Did you miss out on some event or forgot to obtain the Job+ equipment for units? Fret not! Numerous past events, including seasonal ones, will be rerun this month, so seize the chance to upgrade your units to their maximum potential!

Be sure to keep an eye on our news and social media for regular updates on the events being run!

Global Content
News,b67d6e62-8132-5f2e-a5da-156cd23ea41e,news header global original EN 1598541578390.png

Following Minerva in the previous month, the next global original unit will be receiving a Job+ this month!

Keep your eyes peeled to our social media and news to find out more details on the next unit in the line!

Unit Upgrades
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Other than the various units listed above, other units will also be receiving enchanted job upgrades as well as enlightenment throughout the month! Remember to level up and limit break your units to the requirement for their Enchanted Jobs and Enlightenment!

Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving these upgrades!

That’s all we have for September’s updates for now! There are other amazing things prepared for this month but we don't want to spoil the surprise, so be sure to check out our social media for additional details!