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Monthly Updates - November [edit | edit source]

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2nd Anniversary Celebration

It is the month of November, and what is so special about this month? Yes, that’s right! It’s time to celebrate the second anniversary of THE ALCHEMIST CODE! Thank you for your generous support and we couldn’t have done it without you. Look forward to special giveaways, shops and events as we commemorate this special month! Furthermore, the game will be updated to version 5, and numerous new Quality of Life changes and updates will arrive with this version update! A new global-exclusive memento will also be released as part of the celebrations! Keep an eye on our social media and news for more exciting and exact details!


A new series of events are coming! The Genesis Chapters will let you journey back in time to learn more about the mysterious history of Babel, as well as learn the intentions and motives of key characters of that period. The curtains of the event open in the land of Sephira, just as Nimul is about to become the leader of its people. However, he cannot get over how his sister Emmel, the Vessel of Purification, has to suffer from the sin and corruption in the world. What will Nimul do to help his sister? Find out by playing through this event!

Dark Units

November will also welcome the release of a new series of units - Dark Units! Selected units will have a dark version, which are more powerful than the original unit but in the dominant element! Event stages will also be opened in conjunction with the release of these units, and you can obtain various items and rewards from completing them, including equipment pieces for their unique jobs! Furthermore, if you manage to summon the new units, you can attempt a special quest which allows you to obtain additional unit shards for the unit.

Unrelenting gloom
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Are you ready for a new challenge? A new event, Unrelenting Gloom will be coming! Gather your best units to create the most effective teams, and execute your best strategies to seize victory! Clear the various objectives and milestones to get amazing rewards, including an all-new event limited title to show off!

Chapter 5 Episode 1 Act 3

Waginau starts training Kamui to become the next Protector. While training, he reveals to Kamui the true, insidious duty of the Protector. Meanwhile, the need for the resurrection ceremony becomes greater than ever with the outbreak of Jam in the Sephira village. However, Malta’s determination to perform the resurrection ceremony begins to waver. What is the true nature of the resurrection ceremony? What will become of the Sephira village? Find out more in the next act of Kamui’s story!

Enchanted Jobs
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Get ready to power up your units! Enchanted Jobs will be available for more units over the course of November! Remember to limit break and level up your units and their jobs to access their Enchanted Jobs! Enchanted Jobs provide new skills that specializes in different roles. Enchanted Jobs also provided better Job Mastery bonus to your unit stats. Do check out our news and social media for more information!

New Unit Enlightenments
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There will be several units that will receive their enlightenment over the course of November! You can now strengthen these units even further and unlock their potential! Enlightening a unit will require the unit to be at Level 85, as well as special enlightenment materials and unit soul shards. Upon enlightenment, you will be able to unlock and upgrade various Gates of Sin, which provide stat boosts and skill enhancements to increase the power of your unit. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media and in-game news for more information on the Unit Enlightenment updates!