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Known Issues - Updated January 6 [edit | edit source]

Dear Alchemists,

We will be sending a compensation to affected players of the Grand 5★ 10-Summon issue within 24 hours.
- 5★ Unit Summon Ticket x10

For any concerns, please contact our Support Team at</a>.

Thank you very much for your patience and kind understanding.

Dearest Alchemists,

There has been an issue with the "Grand 5★ 10-Summon" where you can Redraw 2x instead of the intended 3x. This has been fixed as of 3:20 AM (World Time).

Please let us know if you were affected by this by sending a request to our Game Support team here:</a>

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued support.

Dearest Alchemists,

We have sent out the missing Alchemist Pact daily rewards of affected players during the iOS & Android 10 Connectivity Issues.

Should you encounter any related concern, kindly contact our Support Team at</a>.

Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.

Dear Alchemists,

Please be advised that the New Year Giveaway Summon Tickets Issue is now fixed.

We are also aware of Eira & Minerva's skill cut-in issue when equipped with their Winter Skin. We are currently looking into this and will provide timely updates.

If you encounter any other issues, please contact our Support Team at</a>.

Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support.