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Monthly Updates - September [edit | edit source]

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Collaboration Event

There will be a brand new collaboration this month featuring new units appearing in THE ALCHEMIST CODE! Who are these units that are appearing in THE ALCHEMIST CODE? Stay tuned for more details and don’t forget to check our social media for more exclusive news and giveaways!

Sacred Stone units added to regular pool

Non-limited Sacred Stone units will also be added to the regular unit summon pool permanently in this month. Furthermore, the 28-day login bonus will be updated with this change: the 5★ Unit Summon ticket will be replaced with a Sacred Stone Unit Summon Ticket, which allows you to summon Sacred Stone units only!

Magni Historia 6
News,bf60c9f5-f122-57a3-a8b9-246870f618d7,EventBanner Magni Historia EN 1529404771696.png

In this next chapter of our Global Original storyline, Zheng Yi continues his quest to achieve true peace. With the misuse of Alchemy, both Zheng Yi and Atropos pose a serious threat to Siegfried and his party! Can Zheng Yi still be saved? How will the party overcome this adversity? Stay tuned for the continuation of Siegfried’s adventure along with the appearance of our NEW Global Original unit, Zheng Yi!

Babel Chronicle 5 - Part 2
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In this new installment of Babel Chronicles, discover more of the background and relationships of Lofia, Cheryl and Courage, as well as the history of the various regions of Babel. Uncover their backstories as you battle through enemies standing in their way. These stages are challenging, and will test your skills and ability to strategize. Furthermore, Courage’s Job+ will also be released, and you can obtain equipment to upgrade to her new job in this story!

Mystic World Mobius
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Mobius Tower will return with an additional level of challenge: New floors will be added to Mobius Tower! Clear these new floors to obtain great rewards, including equipment to upgrade Gilfred’s Job+, which will be released alongside this addition.

Reclaiming the Scarlet

After the Lion Monarch’s Charge, Chloe starts having hesitations on her ability to fight and lead. The Scarlet Flame Guard tries to help Chloe, but she cannot forgive her weaknesses. How can Chloe overcome her hesitation? Learn more from this event and unlock Chloe’s Job+!

Enchanted Job
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Get ready to power up your units! A new Enchanted Job, Wild Beast Tamer, will arrive in September! Furthermore, other enchanted job upgrades will be released for certain units throughout the month. Remember to level up and limit break your units to the requirement for their Enchanted Jobs! Each different Enchanted Job changes the original skills or abilities in a specific field. Different parameters of the unit may increase or decrease depending on the specialization focus of the Enchanted Job as well. Do check out our news for more information!

Unit Enlightenment
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A new batch of units is receiving their enlightenment again! Furthermore, some old and new units will be getting their 4th and 5th Enlightenment gates starting from this month! Enlightening a unit will require the unit to be at Level 85, special materials and units shards. Unlocking these doors will provide additional benefits and thus further increasing the potential of the unit. Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving their enlightenment!

And that’s all we have for September’s updates. Be sure to check out our social media for additional details!