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[New Unit] Dark Zain Unit Introduction with Enlightenment! [edit | edit source]

[Available after update on November 21]

Introducing the new unit – Dark Zain who will be available with Enlightenment and Enchanted Job!

Dark Zain was made as a celebration of the Tagatame no Alchemist movie that was released in Japan only.

For a limited time, Dark Zain

will be available as Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the unit in your battles!

Dark Zain
News,c14cc586-21de-55ad-bad1-f0f4c047c4e8,news banner unit Dark Zain EN 1573898738307.png

Leader Skill
Twilight's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 50% & PATK by 20% & MATK by 20% & PDEF by 10% for Dark units

Job: Lord Commander of Pride
Fixed Ability: Shadow Sword
Basic Ability: Basic Shadow Sword
Reaction: Determined Misfortune (After receiving Dmg, performs counter of up to 15% of the enemy's HP (Max Dmg of 5000) & raises own Max HP for three turns (amount of HP gained will be added to own current HP) & also activated by skill attacks [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])
Passive 1: Holy Sword of Nothingness (Raises Max HP/Slash ATK)
Passive 2: Power of Dark Dragon (Raises PATK/MATK)

An incarnation of Zain who has fallen to the Darkness, divested of the hopes he held during his lifetime. He carries within him the sin of pride. It has altered his devotion to protecting the continent of Babel, filling him with the self-righteous conviction that his acts are unquestionably just, and that the world would be better off without the likes of weaklings who do naught but cling to the strong.

Enlightenment Details
News,c14cc586-21de-55ad-bad1-f0f4c047c4e8,news banner enlightenment DarkZain EN 1573898758119.png

New Job Trial Field
News,c14cc586-21de-55ad-bad1-f0f4c047c4e8,ui EventQuest bnn 183 0 1573898769406.png

November 21, 12:00 AM - November 27, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Try the new Job and get Gems and Soul Shards!

・Units in the training area will state "Level 85" though they are at Unit Level 95 clearing up to the Gate of Wrath.
・The quest will be cleared once the specified number of turns has passed.
・Playable multiple times during the limited period.

[1/Day] Ultra Soul Shard Quest
News,c14cc586-21de-55ad-bad1-f0f4c047c4e8,ui EventQuest bnn 182 2 EN 1573898779281.png

November 21, 12:00 AM - November 26, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Clear the quest 1/day to receive 14 Dark Zain Soul Shards for 6 days!.

Note: Player must have unit in party setup to enter quest.

Babel War Arts will also be unlocked for Dark Zain!

Babel War Arts - Dark Zain Edition
News,c14cc586-21de-55ad-bad1-f0f4c047c4e8,ui EventQuest bnn 182 1 1573898791245.png

Lord Commander of Pride
New Skill Added!
Pride Break
After moving, Slash ATK to enemy unit & greatly raises own AGI for one turn [Range: 6, Height Range: 2]