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Monthly Updates - October [edit | edit source]

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10 Million Downloads Celebration
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Thanks to your generous support, we are proud to announce that THE ALCHEMIST CODE has reached a total of 10 million downloads worldwide!! Look forward to a month long lineup of exciting events and giveaways as we commemorate this momentous achievement, such as apples which provide 10 million experience to a unit and shard quest which drops 5-star unit shards and rainbow soul shards! Exact details will be released shortly so stay tuned for it!

Will of Light, Truth of Darkness
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A new trial awaits everyone! After Lil’ Ouroboros, Waginau is here to challenge players! The stages awaiting you will test your skill, determination and abilities as you overcome the odds and challenges imposed on you. Use your units to create the most effective teams and execute your best strategies to seize victory!

PvP Season 6
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Missed your bid to become Grand Champion in the previous season? PvP is back with a new season - Season of the Thunder Beast! Test your mettle against other players in the battlegrounds of live PvP. Outsmart and outplay your opponents with unconventional strategies and tactical prowess! The shop has also been updated with this season’s amulet as well as brand new items! Are you strong enough to claim the title of season Grand Champion?

Why Immortals Fight
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Get ready to welcome Fung Liu’s job+, Luminous Immortal, this month! The equipment pieces required for Fung Liu’s Job+ can only be obtained from multiplayer quests, so work with your friends and develop strategies to overcome the stage!


Halloween is upon us this October! Orange pumpkins, haunted houses, trick or treats - all checked! Let the festivities begin-oh wait! While everyone is busy preparing for Halloween, ratties have created disorder due to their attraction to candies! How will the phantoms overcome this adversity? Find out in the event “Trick or Flower!” and unlock Melda’s Job+! Furthermore, there will also be new, global-exclusive content this Halloween! More details will be released soon so stay tuned for it!

Unit Upgrades
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Throughout the month, various units will receive enchanted job upgrades as well as enlightenment! Remember to level up and limit break your units to the requirement for their Enchanted Jobs and Enlightenment! Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving these upgrades!

That’s all we have for October’s updates for now! There are other amazing things prepared for this month but we don't want to spoil the surprise, so be sure to check out our social media for additional details!