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Vision Clear Quest

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Event Period
September 24, 12:00 AM - September 30, 11:59 PM (World Time)
September 24, 1:00 AM - October 1, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Challenge the “Vision Clear Quest" 3 times a day to increase the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos!

By clearing the quest, the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos equipped by the units will be increased by 1%! Let's challenge every day and aim to get all the Vision Clear Rewards!

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos


News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GL ASUKA 01 1600678540063.png

Ascended Guardian

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GL SIBLINGS 01 1590474962943.png

Halcyon Days

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GL MAGNI SIEG 01 1573018411993.png

Arduous Adventures

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,ui EventQuest bnn g vision clear cp 2 EN 1589450825271.png

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos


News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED LUCILLE 01 1572409771452.png

Until the Last of the Embers Burns

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED MEIFAN 01 1585735752196.png

Halloween Panic

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED ORION 01 1568731425667.png

The Conqueror

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED KU IENA 01 1573292910855.png

Polish, Create, Results

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED EMMEL 01 1573292900086.png

A Love So Tender

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED RISHEN 01 1589957032901.png

Galley Grub Debacle

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GREED SHENMEI 01 1589957019380.png

X Marks the Spot

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GLUTTONY JUURIA 01 1575366194713.png

A Prayer and a Wish

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GLUTTONY NEICA 01 1586249495474.png

Chaotic Easter

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GLUTTONY TEONA 01 1570099427612.png

Glittering Shard of Triumph

News,cd19c9d2-73b0-5893-b89b-0f1855d9944b,TS GLUTTONY RAURA 01 1579862981633.png

More Striking than a Lightning Flash