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Producer's Letter Giveaway

Producer's Letter Giveaway
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Campaign Period
April 23, 12:00 AM - May 6, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 23, 1:00 AM - May 7, 12:59 AM (PDT)

As part of the Producer's Letter release, claim a token of our appreciation for your awesome support of THE ALCHEMIST CODE within the campaign period!

5★ Unit Selector x1
5★ 50-Soul Shard Selector x3
5★ Memento Selector x1
4★ Gear Selectorx1
235-Country Token Selector x1
Winged Serpent of Envy x80
Heroic Bear of Sloth x80
Mountain Ram of Lust x80
Wild Boar of Gluttony x80
Unicorn of Wrath x80
Rainbow Goddess Jar x15
Rainbow Goddess Pot x10
Rainbow Soul Golem x20
Sinful Indulgence x9
Retribution for Sin x4
Elemental Crystal x40 Selector x1
Rainbow Ingot x100