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[New Story Quest] – Ch 5 Ep 1: Act 1 [edit | edit source]

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A new hero has been summoned before the Door of Truth! Kamui, the Sephiran people's Protector, has lost his path. Regain his memories and recall the beginning of his journey at the new Story Quest - Chapter 5 Episode 1: Act 1!

New Protagonist: Kamui

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Kamui is a young man of the Sephira tribe, which survives by staying hidden in the desert. He was given the role of Protector for his skill with alchemy. Though his speech implies indifference, he is very caring in nature and his friends consider him extremely dependable. Unfortunately, he is not sensitive enough to sense the subtle moods of others.

Chapter 5 Episode 1: Act 1 will be available after the update on October 3!

・Chapter 5 will be unlocked upon completion of Ch 1: Ep 1 [1-10].
・Kamui will be available in your units when Chapter 5 is unlocked.