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[Rerun] Snow White Holiday [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
December 26, 12:00 AM - January 8, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Class change Carol to Battle Maid!

Complete the Quest Objective to obtain job tokens to class change from Merchant to Battle Maid!

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Clear the event and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain the job equipment needed for Battle Maid.

Clear Snow White Winter Holiday Episode 5 and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain Carol Holiday Skin and gear - Malda Tribe Mittens!

Malda Tribe Mittens
Ability: Raises Magic Evasion Rate, Enables Master Ability "Happy Winter Holiday!" (10% of target's HP with non-type ATK (Max Dmg 1225) [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])

Clear the event to also obtain Ouroboros Wreath which you can use to exchange for Malda Tribe Mittens Shards and other items!

Class Change Skill Highlight
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Snow White Holiday EX
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Challenge the EX stage to get more Ouroboros Wreaths as well as Rainbow Soul Shards from the Quest Mission!

Snow White Holiday [EX - Light]
New Global EX added!
Event Special Condition: Limited to Light Units
Challenge "Snow White Winter Holiday [EX - Light]" to get boosted drops for Ouroboros Wreaths!

Complete the Quest Objective to obtain rewards such as Light Soul Shards and other rewards.

Winter Holiday Market
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Exchange Period
December 26, 12:00 AM - January 8, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Collect Ouroboros Wreath to exchange for exclusive winter gear and other awesome items!

Shop Item Includes:
Malda Tribe Mittens Shard
Michael Fried Chicken (For use during battle. Greatly recovers HP and raises JUMP by 1 for three turns.)
Selected Unit Soul Shards (Rosa, Shayna, Carol, Hazel)
Job Equipment
Enhancement Items

Check out the shop for more details!