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[Rerun] Mystic Tower Veda [edit | edit source]

Mystic Tower Veda
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Event Period
June 13, 12:00 AM - June 26, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 13, 1:00 AM - June 27, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Challenge yourself in Mystic Tower Veda!

Ascend each floor and get better rewards as you move up!

Rewards include exclusive gear, Elemental Shards, Summon Tickets, Gems, Gold Ingot, and Enhancement Items!

Floor 50

Armor of Mystic Winds
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Thunder Res Up, AGI Up, Slow Res Up

Floor 60

Armor of Mystic Thunder
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Water Res Up, Stop Res Up, Delay Res Up

Floor 70

Armor of Mystic Water
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Max Jewels Up, Fire Res Up, Charm Res Up

Floor 80

Armor of Mystic Fire
Attributes: Raise Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Wind Res Up, Silence Res Up

Floor 90

Armor of Mystic Light
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Dark Res Up, Paralyze Res Up, Charm Res Up

Floor 99

Armor of Mystic Darkness
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Light Res Up, Berserk Res Up, Rage Res Up, Petrify Res Up

Floor 100

Mystic Rainbow Guard
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, All Elements Res Up, Poison Res Up, Sleep Res Up

・You can reset to re-attempt the Tower after completing all 100 Floors.
・Once the event period is over, you will be able to play from the highest floor cleared once the event becomes available again.
・When the event becomes available again, you will start at the highest floor you have cleared instead of the highest floor cleared in the previous run.
・Mystic Tower Veda costs 0 AP to enter!
・Mercenaries cannot be used.
・Items cannot be used in this Event.
・You can bring in Units that are Level 20 and above, 5 Units in the Main Party and 2 Units in the Sub Party.
・HP Status is saved upon clearing each Floor so remember to heal before clearing each stage!
・If you manually retreat, the HP status will not be saved and it will return to the initial status before the battle started.
・If any of your units die during the battle, they will not be usable until you heal them.
・You can heal your units for Free once per 12 hrs.
You can also heal your units more than once every 12 hrs by using Gems.
・You can reset to re-attempt the Tower after completing all 100 Floors.
The 1st reset is free and the subsequent ones cost 500 Gems
・Make use of elemental advantage and bring elements that are effective against the enemies for each floor!
・Take note that enemies use debuffs and status effects, so bring your own to turn the tides of battle!
・The progress on each floor of the tower is kept during the event period, but once the event is over, the enemies on the last floor you remained on will go back to their initial status.
・One-time reward at each floor can only be claimed once.

Veda Coin Exchange Shop
News,e25d68fd-8895-5dc4-9696-cf017bf81a9c,Banner EventShop g 180308 01 1523543461333.png

You can obtain Veda Coins after you have completed all 100 floors, and on your 2nd or more playthrough of the tower!

During the event period, the Veda Coin Exchange Shop will be open!

You can exchange the Veda Coins you earn from the event for items in that shop!

Exchange Period
June 20, 12:00 AM - July 3, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 20, 1:00 AM - July 4, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Items include
Various Gear Shards
Various Job Equipments
Alchemia Pots
Gold Ingots
Forbidden Apples