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[SSM Side Story] Reaching the Gates of Sin by Dawn [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
August 8, 12:00 AM - August 21, 11:59 PM (World Time)
August 8, 1:00 AM - August 22, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Obtain Event Gear for Kaya!

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Class Change Zain!

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Class change Zain to The Light Leading the World!

Clear Quest Mission to obtain Job Tokens for class change!

Clear the Event Quests to obtain unique Job Equipment for the job!

Class Change Skill Highlight


Divine Blade → Divine Saber
Light Slash attack on enemy unit & greatly lowers Light Res for three turns & raises own Slash ATK Power for three turns [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]

Lightning Bolt → Lightning Spark
Thunder Slash Mag attack on enemy unit & lowers PATK/MATK for three turns [Range: 3, Height Range: 3]

Supernova → Ultimate Nova
Light Slash attack on enemy units within area (strong vs dark/demons) [Range: 2, Area: Lateral (3), Height Range: 2]

Knight of Avalon → The Light Leading the World
Recovers HP of ally units within area around self & raises PDEF/MDEF for three turns [Area: Square (3), Height Range: 2]

Skill effect changed!
Oath of Determination
After receiving Dmg, chance of raising PATK & MATK for one turn

Skill effect changed!
Holy Blade of the White Night
Raises Slash ATK

・You need to clear Sacred Stone Memories 1-1 to unlock this Event.
・This event will be added to Event Archives after the Event Period.
・The pre-requisites to unlock this Event will be removed after Event is moved into Event Archives.

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