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[New Unit] Tiferet Unit Introduction

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[Available after update on July 2]

Introducing the new unit – Tiferet!

For a limited time, Tiferet will be available as a Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the unit in your battles!

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Leader Skill
Light of Dawn's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 30% & MATK by 30% & Missile ATK Power by 20% & Strong vs Eldritch by 20% for Light units

Job: Archangel
Fixed Ability: Heavenly Splendor
Basic Ability: Basic Heavenly Splendor
Reaction: Foresight of Michael (Reaction Ability for use with all job types)
Passive 1: Blessed Predestination (Raises MATK and raises Range by 2)
Passive 2: Compassionate Adjudicator (Greatly raises own Strong vs Dark)

Tiferet is one of the God Killers. She hails from another world and possesses the power to topple the divine. She is a kind young lady, who wishes for nothing more than to save everyone in need, and has the love and strength to do so. Her hands, reaching out in a gentle offer of aid in one moment, can in the next transform instantly into deadly weapons able to mercilessly strike down her enemies.

Phantom of the Alchemist 8 [EX]
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Event Period
July 2, 12:00 AM - August 5, 11:59 PM (World Time)
July 2, 1:00 AM - August 6, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Complete the quest to obtain "Tiferet Gun of Judgment" and "Tiferet Gun of Judgment Shard"!

New Job Trial Mission

<banner> July 2, 12:00 AM - July 15, 11:59 PM (World Time)
July 2, 1:00 AM - July 16, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Try the new job and get Gems and Soul Shards!

・Players need to use Tiferet to clear a quest to complete this milestone.