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[New Unit] Lakina and Kaya Unit Introduction with Enlightenment! [edit | edit source]

News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,news header GL unit intro Kaya Lakina EN 1564838479526.png

[Available after update on August 8]

Introducing the new units – Lakina and Kaya who will be available with Enlightenment and Enchanted Job!

For a limited time, Lakina and Kaya will be available as a mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the units and use them to aid you in your battles!

News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,news banner NewUnit Lakina EN 1564838502923.png

Leader Skill
Twilight's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 40% & PATK by 20% & MATK by 20% & Strong vs undead by 20% for Dark units

Job: Order Saber
Fixed Ability: Sealing Magic
Basic Ability: Basic Sealing Magic
Reaction: Protector's Fate (Chance of recovering own HP after receiving Dmg & also activated by skill attacks)
Passive 1: Seventh Karma (Raises PATK/MATK)
Passive 2: Sword-Guardian (PDEF/Max HP/Slash Res Up)

Captain of the 7th Regiment of the Holy Guard, a secret order that is kept hidden from the public. As her missions often keep her in isolation, Lakina becomes extremely happy when she has the opportunity to interact with other people. She finds it easy to be self-sacrificing for the sake of others, and no matter how severe her mission may be, she willingly accepts it as her fate.

Enlightenment Details
News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,news banner enlightenment explain 02 EN 1564839195205.png

Babel War Arts - Lakina Edition
News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,ui EventQuest bnn 139 1 EN 1564839244460.png

Skill Effect Buffed!
Order Saber
Protector's Fate → Saint Force
Chance of recovering own HP after receiving Dmg & casts Jewel Auto Charge for three turns (Stackable up to 3x) & also activated by skill attacks

New Job Trial Field - Lakina
News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,ui EventQuest bnn 139 3 EN 1564839205521.png

August 8, 12:00 AM - August 14, 11:59 PM (World Time)
August 8, 1:00 AM - August 15, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Try the new Job and get Gems and Soul Shards!

・Units in the training area will state "Level 85" though they are at Unit Level 91 clearing up to the Gate of Lust.
・The quest will be cleared once the specified number of turns has passed.
・Playable multiple times during the limited period.

News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,news banner NewUnit Kaya EN 1564838489618.png

Leader Skill
Raging Fire's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 50%/MATK by 30%/Hit Rate by 10% for Fire units

Job: Crimson Dragon
Fixed Ability: Crimson Dragon
Basic Ability: Basic Crimson Dragon
Reaction: Wrath of the Stoic Crimson Dragon (Performs preemptive strike when receiving attack & also activated by skill attacks [Range: 2, Height Range: 3])
Passive 1: Alchemia Pura (Raises MATK & Hit Rate)
Passive 2: Flying Ape (MOVE +1 and JUMP +2)

Kaya serves as the Captain of the 2nd Regiment of the Holy Guard. Endowed with Alchemia, smarts, and fighting ability, she stands out even among the greatest in the Holy Guard. However, she generally lacks interest in the world around her, which means she is rarely motivated to do anything. The one thing she is interested in is the past, especially historical ruins, old manuscripts, and the like.

Enlightenment Details
News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,news banner enlightenment explain 01 EN 1564839226700.png

Babel War Arts - Kaya Edition
News,ed7e9728-fcb4-5cde-9839-6cb77221d735,ui EventQuest bnn 110 1 EN 1564839254949.png

Skill Effect Buffed!
Crimson Dragon
Crimson Mechanism → True Crimson Mechanism
Raises own ATK Power (all)/DEF Power (all)/AGI for three turns & reduces Cast Time

Enchanted Job Details - Spy [Cloud Cover]

Spy [Cloud Cover]

New Skill Added!
Golden Bindings
Slash ATK that inflicts Stops on enemy unit [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]

Hazy Shadow → Hazy Mist
Greatly raises own Evasion Rate for one turn & permanently raises Evasion rate

Windmill Shuriken → Cloud Cover Shuriken
Missile attack on enemy unit & inflicts Poison & chance of critical [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

Hurricane → Shadow Step
Raises AGI/DEX/Poison Dmg