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Known Issues - Updated Nov 14 [edit | edit source]

Attention Alchemists!

Please kindly take note of the following Known Issues for Version 5.0:

  • Multiple/Mass Buffs
    These buffs incorrectly show a text that it only affected a single unit although the effect is properly affecting all the target units. This will be fixed on a later update.

  • Milestones
    Milestone Completion Notifications appear twice for each Milestone. This will also be fixed on a later update.

  • Memory Access
    If players do not have a Memory Access, tapping on the reset button will not trigger a message informing that you do not have the item.

  • Trials
    The user interface will be non-interactable for some affected players when unlocking Trials for the first time. Kindly restart the game to resolve this issue.

  • Other Notes
    ■ Players will experience unit level decrement for units between Level 91 to 95.
    ■ Unit Level Requirement has been increased and we will send the following items for this update:
    2nd Anniversary Celebration Apple x90
    ■ Some devices with Android 10 may encounter an issue loading the game and we are now looking into this.

    • Should you encounter other related concerns, please contact our Support Team at</a>.

      Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding.

      We have fixed an issue wherein players were able to leave an Alchemia Port during the Raid period.

      Please kindly note that players should not be able to leave or get kicked from an Alchemia Port during Raid period.

      If you encounter any related concern in the future, please contact our Support Team at <a href=""></a>.

      Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

      Please kindly take note of the following known issues updates:

      White Display Issue
      The white display issue encountered from Mobius Tower and Memento UI has been fixed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      • Trick or Flower
        There is a text issue for the Memento name in the EX Stage Quest Details which will be fixed on a later update.

        CORRECT: "Decompressing at Day's End"

        In addition, the EX stage was not increasing the Alchemic Boundary for the Event Memento "Decompressing at Day's End".

        This has been fixed and now working correctly.

      • Some players might encounter a white display issue from the following:
        • Mobius Tower
        • Memento UI

        Please be also advised that some players are unable to view some Event Milestones due to a display issue.

        The Event Milestone list can only display a limited number of Event Milestones. Those that are supposedly displayed at the bottom of the list cannot be viewed due to several uncleared Event Milestones.

        We kindly suggest to finish some Event Milestones at the top of the list for the latest ones to appear.

        Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.