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Download and Connection Issue - Updated Oct 29 [edit | edit source]

Dearest Alchemists,

DOWNLOAD AND CONNECTION ISSUES have been resolved. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

As compensation, we will be sending the following to all players within 24 hours:
Alchemy Drops x25
[10M Downloads!] Celebration Apple x15
Enlightenment Material 10-Summon Ticket x15
Skip Ticket x150
Gem x1500
PotK Raid Coin x2500
Reminiscences of a Robot Summon Ticket x50
10M Special Token x5
Sinful Indulgence x5
Retribution for Sin x5

Thank you very much for your patience and continued support.

For any concerns or inquiries, please contact our Support Team at <a href=""></a>

For players who purchased Alchemist Pact and are unable to login during the affected period:
October 24, 12:00 AM - October 28, 20:00 PM (World Time)
October 24, 1:00 AM - October 28, 21:00 AM (PDT)

We will send the items to affected players within 7 working days

We are aware that some players are experiencing download and connection issues in the game and we are working closely with our service provider to resolve this issue.

We have received reports that the issue has been resolved for some players but rest assured that we are still monitoring the issue.

For players who encounter the issue, please send a request and include the details where you encounter the issue to our Game Support team here:

We're sorry for this inconvenience and we thank you for your patience continued support.