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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Producer's Letter (Mar 2020)

Dear Alchemists,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and memorable collaboration event and managed to add some new units to their rosters. We would like to thank everyone who has participated and made this event a success. It’s not time to lay down your arms though, we have more events coming soon to keep you busy and entertained. We understand that there are some aspects of the game that are causing frustrations to you and can be quite troublesome. We have taken them to heart and will be adding in the following to address them. Wondering which new look to get for your favorite units? Check them out before purchasing them. Missed out a day of login due to your busy schedule, we got that covered too. We can’t wait to have the new upcoming improvements in your hands and are working our hardest to bring them to you soon.

The new Mystic Tower Veda Fringe Dimension that is arriving will challenge you to try out different teams and strategies on each level. With the many different units that you have at your command, the new levels are the best place to get to know what they are capable of. Playing with the same strategies and units can get stale at times and this is part of the way that we will add variety and excitement to your gameplay. Do share your various tips and strategies with your fellow Alchemists to help them out!

Look out for the Producer’s Special Celebration Shop that will be open for a limited time. Grab the many bundles packed with all sorts of awesome items sold at unbeatable prices. Rainbow Shards will also be available in the Producer’s Special Summon and it should give you a hand in Limit Breaking upcoming units that will join your team!

This April heralds the arrival of more original content that is guaranteed to bring you glee and may even surprise you. An involuntary makeover, familiar faces getting into new troubles, old favorites in new attires, new faces with different personalities, get ready for some eventful times. Along with the new stories and events, our Global Original units are also getting better and stronger. They will bring new strength to your existing teams and learn new skills to devastate your foes. April is still a distance away but we can peel off a little off the wrapping to whet your appetite for the weeks to come.


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A big thank you to everyone for your continued support and for making THE ALCHEMIST CODE what it is and hope that you look forward to receiving a token of appreciation in game and stay tuned for the upcoming content.

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Ross Song