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[Multiplay-only Event] Adrift in the Sea of Time, Chased by Dreams [edit | edit source]

[Multiplay-only Event]

Event Period
January 2, 12:00 AM - January 15, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Event Details:
Event Special Gear
Clear the Event and Milestone Mission to obtain shards required to transmute the Event Exclusive Gear!

News,f2fbfd31-090d-5f7d-9dc1-26843360e43b,news banner Mira event gear EN 1577172448525.png

Clockwork Planetarium
Attributes: Silence Res Up, Max Jewels Up, Modify Area ATK Up,
Enables Master Ability "Mystic Eyes - Carpe Diem" when equipped with Mira-only job "Intemporal Alchemist" (Fire Mag ATK that inflicts Petrify on enemy unit [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])

EX & EX+ Stages
Complete the Quest Missions to obtain items such as Clockwork Planetarium Shard, Sacred Lion Blade Piece as well as Picmy Figurine Diagram!

・Milestone Missions can only be cleared once, if you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.