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Vision Clear Quest [edit | edit source]

Event Period
January 9, 12:00 AM - January 15, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Challenge the “Vision Clear Quest" 3 times a day to increase the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos!

By clearing the quest, the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos equipped by the units will be increased by 1%! Let's challenge every day and aim to get all the Vision Clear Rewards!

News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,ui EventQuest bnn 106 0 EN 1578393146508.png

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos

News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS SAGA MOCA 01 1577773042065.png
Wrapped in a Warm Breeze
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS SLOTH TARAS 01 1570513257086.png
The Smoky Blues
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LUST ALMA 01 1571044297710.png
Alma's Laughing, but...

News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,ui EventQuest bnn g vision clear cp 1 1 1568616181484.png

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos


<td style="width: 100px" <span="" class="text-lime">A Night of Drinking Lifeblood
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS NORTH RAKINA 01 1564642652124.png
Prayer to Pride
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS NORTH CADANOVA 01 1568454403628.png
Bygone Days of Kinship
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS NORTH TORITOH 01 1575967903311.png
From Unkind Past to Hopeful Future
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST ACHAD 01 1568454412002.png
My Ray of Sunshine
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST ACHAD 02 1568454422040.png
The Enveloping Blue
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST VIER 01 1565603732542.png
Hungry Ensemble
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST THOL 01 1565603725430.png
Recording the Commandments of Truth
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST ACHAD 03 1575967911236.png
You Are Not Alone
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST ZWEI 01 1575967917894.png
Nine Lives
News,f3491427-194a-5995-b176-a5693a8139ac,TS LOST NOIN 01 1575967924123.png