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July 4 Updates & Known Issues [edit | edit source]

ATTACK ON TITAN Collaboration Event Board Milestones Early Closure

We are aware that the Event Board for ATTACK ON TITAN Collaboration Milestones were closed one hour earlier than intended. We will send the rewards for the unclaimed milestones to affected players within 14 days.

Apple Device Optimization

With the v4.1 update, we have made further data optimization to support Apple devices with RAM below 2GB.

Please do note that this may vary for users and some users may still encounter issues with Apple devices that have RAM below 2GB.

For optimum performance, a minimum requirement of 2GB RAM is required and performance may vary for Apple devices that have RAM below 2GB.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and will compensate all affected users within 48 hrs.
Alchemy Drops x40
Skip Ticket x200
Gem x400

Our engineers are working around the clock for better solutions to further optimize the game to support Apple devices below 2GB RAM. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.