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Grand Memento 10-Summon

Grand Memento 10-Summon
News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,news banner GL Grand Memo June2020c 0 EN 1592297545819.png
News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,news banner GL Grand Memo June2020c 1 EN 1592297565125.png

Summon Period
June 20, 12:00 AM - June 21, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 20, 1:00 AM - June 22, 12:59 AM (PDT)

★5 pool consists of Featured Mementos only!

Featured Memento


News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS ENVYRIA SYARON 01 1592304123324.png

5★ Cascading Sounds of Summer (New) (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS SLOTH KAYA 01 1592304068266.png

5★ Seaside Library (New) (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS SLOTH AISHA 01 1570514197486.png

5★ Enchanting Performance (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS LUST ALMA 02 1571044304244.png

5★ Summer Beach Lessons (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS LUST REBECCA 02 1571044345788.png

5★ Summer Beach Practice (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS WRATH TERESA 01 1566444381087.png

5★ Potential as Great as the Sea (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS WADA LEYDOW 01 1567679217907.png

5★ Ancient Garb (Limited)

News,f6f66ef4-ee36-5b19-a632-e7431a8c5641,TS LOST ACHAD 02 1572944563779.png

5★ The Enveloping Blue (Limited)

Summon Rates
5★ = 6%
4★ = 94%

・This summon can only be performed once throughout the summon period.
・Any bonus items will be sent to Gifts.
・Unspent Summon Coins will expire and be converted into Shared Free Gems after the Summon Coin Shop resets. The converted Gems will be sent to Gifts within 24hrs.
・Summons exclude Collaboration, Global Original and Limited Mementos unless featured or listed on banner and summon details.