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Enlightenment and Enchanted Job Updates! [edit | edit source]

Enlightenment Updates
News,f8275c6c-0d91-599c-bdc1-a35be52815a3,news header GL Enlightenment ChloeZahar EN 1568533970419.png

After the update on September 19, Enlightenment gates of "Gluttony" and "Wrath" will be available for the following units:
Chloe / Zahar

News,f8275c6c-0d91-599c-bdc1-a35be52815a3,news banner enlightenment ChloeZahar EN 1568533999375.png

[Updated Sep 18]
Please note the following skill will also be enhanced with the Gate of Wrath update for Zahar.

Enhance Skill “Blade of World's End”
Extremely powerful Slash ATK on enemy [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]

Enchanted Job Updates

Enchanted Job will also be unlocked for the following units!

Flamel Sage [Rozetta]
Zahar Dark Cavalier [Guernica]