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Enlightenment and Enchanted Job Updates! [edit | edit source]

Enlightenment Updates
News,fdb8f017-fa40-5c4f-b3b6-03261933d7a2,news header GL Enlightenment Noin Carla Acht EN 1575950658833.png

After the update on December 12, Enlightenment will be available for the following units: Neun /Acht / Nefertiti / Carla

News,fdb8f017-fa40-5c4f-b3b6-03261933d7a2,news banner enlightenment Neun EN 1575879293832.png
News,fdb8f017-fa40-5c4f-b3b6-03261933d7a2,news banner enlightenment Acht EN 1575879304760.png
News,fdb8f017-fa40-5c4f-b3b6-03261933d7a2,news banner enlightenment Nefertiti EN 1575879314963.png
News,fdb8f017-fa40-5c4f-b3b6-03261933d7a2,news banner enlightenment CArla EN 1575879324279.png

Enchanted Job Updates

Enchanted Job will also be unlocked for the following units!

Nina Battle Mage [Luminous Form]
Nefertiti Battle Mage [Cyclone Form]
Alaia Battle Mage [Glacier Form]
Birgitta Battle Mage [Shade Form]
Fujika Battle Mage [Thunderclap Form]
Neun Warrior [Gigantes]
Acht Ninja [Vermilion Bird]