Novice Armor

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Novice Armor
Novice Armor

5★‎ Gear
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Equippable on Indomitable Axe Knight, Indomitable Axe General, Holy Cavalier, & Warrior units from Envylia

A diary kept by Captain Yauras of the First Order, in which she records the events that happen in her daily life. Her pen has covered many topics, from her life in the Holy Guard to her innermost thoughts. Apparently, she is so fond of the design that she continually purchases the same notebook.

Attributes: Max HP Up, PDEF Up, Sleep Res Up, Silence Res Up, Enables Master Ability "Sacred Lord" when equipped on Monzein if his job type is "Indomitable Axe General" (Consumes large amount of own HP to use Thunder Slash ATK on enemy units within area around self & immensely raises all of own stat