Picture of Daisy's Triumph

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Picture of Daisy's Triumph
Spearman Sacred Spearman Mech Gear Specialist Demonic Spearman Magical Dark Lance Demon Lancer Overlord Vassal Lizardman Continental Observer Dark-Lancer Princess Grizzly Sin Alize Wind Lancer Dark Curse The Pure White Lion Hidden Beast Emperor
Equippable on lance-wielding units & units with Continental Observer
Gear type
Accessory (Earring)
VCR (Enter, a Shining New Star!)
Release dates
  • GL: 2019-08-29
  • JP: 2018-09-20
Item shard
Picture of Daisy's Triumph Shard
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A photo taken of Daisy when she won in the Mech War Games. Every time Daisy sees this photo she is reminded of what she needs to do to achieve victory: trust in her friends and the bond they share, combined with good, old-fashioned hard work.

Attributes: CRIT Rate Up, Pierce ATK Power Up, AGI Up, Paralyze Res Up, Enables Master Ability "Glory of Victory" when equipped on Daisy/Lil' Ouroboros (Casts Jewel Auto Charge on self for three turns), Enhances "Grand Break" and "Mech Gear Fire Wheel" when Daisy's job type is "Mech Gear Specialist"

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
Crit Rate +25

Pierce ATK Power +8

AGI +10

Paralyze Res +40

Gear Ability
Glory of Victory

Gear Abilities

Glory of Victory
Casts Jewel Auto Charge on self for three turns
Daisy Lil' Ouroboros