Pirate Gloves

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Pirate Gloves
Pirate Gloves

5★‎ Equipment

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[Shenmei/Sea Roar Captain-Only Equipment] Max HP +40, Jewels Obtained +3, Slow Res +8, Paralyze Res +15, Silence Res +10, Water Res +3
Enhancer Pts165
Zeni Cost147550
Zeni Sales Price14755
Tour Coins5900
Soul Coins7375

Gloves worn by the captain of the pirate ship the Xiao Shenmei. Contrary to their appearance, they have been specially treated to prevent things from slipping through her fingers. A useful item both in battle and when holding on to treasure.


??? Zeni

Equipment Stats

Jewels Obtained+3+5
Slow Res+8+12
Paralyze Res+15+21
Silence Res+10+15
Water Res+3+5