Poison Assist

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Skills which buff Poison that are provided by gear

Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS SAB PIRATE.png Caribbean CutlassPassiveAttributes: PATK +5-25, CRIT +5-15, Chance of Poison & Blind (10-20%)
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS ELIZ 00.png Flask of WishesPassiveAttributes:
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS GL PVP S2 BADGE.png Nightmare Cherry Blossom's RudiariusPassivePoison +15
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS SWO MITHRIL GREEN.png Poison Fang BladePassiveMithril Sword Poison: PATK +3-20, Chance of Poison (10-15%)
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS ROD WIZARD GREEN.png Poison RodPassiveWizard Rod Poison: MATK +3-20, Chance of Poison (10-15%)