Port Coin Exchange

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Note: This shop has been replaced by the Port Shop and is no longer used.

The Port Coin Exchange allows you to exchange Port Coin for items. Port coins are obtained as rewards based on your Alchemia Port rank for a raid. This shop is typically available for a short period of time after a raid has ended and port coin rewards have been distributed. The shop restocks every time it returns.

The following items are available for purchase in the shop.

Item Cost Max
Sinful Indulgence x 1 2500 2
Fire Soul Shard x 5 400 5
Water Soul Shard x 5 400 5
Thunder Soul Shard x 5 400 5
Wind Soul Shard x 5 400 5
Light Soul Shard x 5 400 5
Dark Soul Shard x 5 400 5
Gold Gear Shard x 25 400 4
Reminiscences of a Robot x 1 500 10
Rainbow Ingot x 10 50 20